Round Rattan Bassinet, Vintage and Stylish

Round Rattan Bassinet

Round rattan bassinet, our collection of rattan baby furniture that has always been a trend since the first baby bed was sold. Simple but beautiful, perfect for newborns. Its circular design accentuates the vintage style of this rattan bassinet. The shape is minimalist, does not need to take up much space. The natural color gives a cool and calm impression in your nursing room. If you are confused about choosing a baby bed that is easy to move in every corner of your home, then this round rattan bassinet is the right choice. You simply lift or pull it if you want to move it in the family room or become one in your room for example. In terms of strength, this rattan bassinet is no doubt. Although light, this baby bassinet is strong and durable. You can pass down to next generations. If your child is older, it can be used as a basket to store your children’s toys.

This rattan cradle is also suitable as a gift for friends or family who are ready to welcome the birth of their baby. You don’t need to worry about the safety of this product. We have exported babies and kids furniture to many counties. There are no sharp corners, so it won’t hurt your baby. This rattan crib also does not contain toxic substances, because we use paint with a water-based system. Equipped with a cushion with a removable cover, so you can wash it if it gets dirty at any time. You don’t need to buy another mattress for this bassinet, but you can add a bed sheet as a base. Are you want to know about in this Round rattan bassinet. You can send an email to our marketing staff, or ask directly via live chat.

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