Workspace Design Tips to Make it Comfortable to Work From Home

Comfortable design Workspace

Working From Home (WFH) for some office employees still has to be done. WFH was popular when the pandemic emerged yesterday, which required us to work from home, and not gather in the office in one room. Therefore, the workspace at home is made as comfortable as possible, and not made carelessly. In order for this WFH activity to run productively, the workspace at home must be comfortable and sufficient.

Workspace Design Tips at Home

Here are some tips and inspiration for workspace design at home. You can apply the ideas in your home to achieve comfort and productivity while working from home.

Sufficient Lighting

Place your work desk near the window, so that sunlight can illuminate your activities during work. It is better if the light can illuminate the entire workspace. Remember, you work all day long, so the constant use of lights will add to your electricity expenditure. But if it is not possible to invite light in, you should use a table lamp to keep your eyes healthy.

Furniture Choice

You do not have to force to use office-style furniture in your room. Just choose furniture that is minimalist in design that suits your tastes and needs, so that the workspace does not become cramped. For standard workbench area, you should use a size of 150 x 120 cm, with a height of 70-75 cm. You can invest in a work chair. We recommend that you choose an ergonomic one so that you are comfortable sitting there all day.

Workspace Position

Position determines achievement, also applies to your workspace at home. Adjust to your activities during work. If you want to concentrate fully without distractions while working, you can choose a room in the back corner of the house, or choose an upstairs. But if at work you often receive guests, the position of the workspace can be adjacent to the living room.

Room Theme

Determining the theme of this room is important to improve your mood in working at home. This is related to the color, layout, and decoration of your workspace. For color, the choice of blue wall paint is believed to increase your concentration. The layout is tailored to your needs and tastes.

Add greenery to make your workspace fresher. The installation of an aquarium is also a smart choice, in addition to a more beautiful workspace, you can eliminate boredom by looking at it for a moment.

Those of you who often conduct online meetings with applications such as Zoom, can install a green screen on the wall at the back of the work chair. You can take advantage of the virtual background feature optimally by using this green screen.

Storage cabinets

Liam Rattan Shelves
Liam Rattan Shelves

The function of a cupboard or shelf in this workspace is very important. In addition to placing a variety of important documents that are easily accessible, in general the workspace will look neater, less cluttered.

Personal Element

Even though it’s a workspace, you still need to include a personal element there, to show your character and boost your work spirit.

Concentration Enhancer Partition

Biombo Rattan Room Divider Small
Biombo Rattan Room Divider Small

If your workspace is integrated with other rooms, you should add a solid partition, or rather a bulkhead. In addition to giving a separator between your workspace and other rooms, you will also focus more on your work while working.

You can apply a number of tips and workspace design inspiration in your home. Create a minimalist, functional, professional workspace, at the same time with a personal touch. As a result, your work productivity will be maintained, even increased during this WFH activity. If there is an inspiration for furniture that is not on the market to be placed in your workspace, please consult your design with our team to immediately realize it in your workspace.

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